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ZealCon uPVC Windows & Doors ZealCon is a Window & Door systems is a part of ZealCon Builders and Consultants, which is a professionally managed company that started its operations in Pakistan in 2002. However, it was launched in July 2004. Expertise in the assembling the windows, whose uPVC profile form is imported from China and Turkey. Apart from uPVC windows and doors business, ZealCon is also affiliated with construction and plastic injection molding. Let us inform you about your…
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Everyone opting for uPVC Windows and doors

Now a days everyone is using UPVC Windows and Doors, because these have so many advantages this is the main reason of all are shifting to UPVC Windows and Doors. ZealCon is the best UPVC Windows and Doors manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan, Advantages of UPVC Windows and Doors are: Weather resistance Maintenance free High […]

uPVC Fixed Windows

Opt the BEST

‪ Opt the best: ‪#‎uPVC‬ windows are one of the ‪#‎windows‬ widely used in West during the construction. In ‪#‎Pakistan‬, ‪#‎ZealCon‬ has introduced these #uPVC windows to facilitate you and to make your life easy. These are not for a definite person or any specific class, instead everyone can use them. While constructing a ‪#‎house‬ […]

What is uPVC?

Unplastisized Polyvinyl chloride or ‘uPVC’ is a modern synthetic material and an important member of the extensive polymers ‘family’. Formed from two natural resources – salt (57 per cent) and oil (43 per cent) – PVC was one of the earliest plastics to be developed commercially. Now it is among the most widely used, with […]

End to End Solutions

ZealCon specialize in giving customers an end to end solutions & a hassle free experience for installing u – PVC Doors & Windows. ZealCon take up projects on turnkey basis & ensure a hassle free process for our customers Our people do all the works that is. Measurement of the site Our engineers go to each […]


  • Welded frames on UPVC Windows means a complete silage from air and water. UPVC does not permit condensation between the panes. These windows are always easy to open and close.

  • All the products of UPVC are unaffected by the weathering and has quality of endurance. The windows are available with the large number of designs and styles. UPVC Windows by Zealcon never consumes your precious time in fixing problems on a regular basis.

  • UPVC Windows are good in the sense of not letting the noise get in your house. Low thermal conductance keeps the house warm in winters and cool in summers. Rotting agents are minimum which means more durability of windows. Impacts on which UPVC Windows are dealt are resilient. There is minimum requirement of maintenance.

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