A website where you can find all about Double glazed uPVC windows by Zealcon, which is highly reputed in the field of Double glazed uPVC Windows industry. An array of technicalities along with quality are generated to provide you best material to the products which are introduced in the market by the benefitting partners of the company. This is a one stop point to come for help in order to draw conclusions on how and where to get these Double glazed uPVC Windows; a station of information on different whys, from where you can get your queries addressed. Besides this, it is a website where things are explained clearly on how we take our products and the quality which is given upon the need.

Zealcon, pioneer in the making of Double glazed uPVC Windows in Pakistan (un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), has a top notch strategy plan: to satisfy our customers in the optimum level. We have a set motto which justifies the need of each and every buyer who wants to get the easiest solution.


Zealcon comes with some features which are always bore in head by the clients.

  • UPVC Windows are good in the sense of not letting the noise get in your house.
  • Low thermal conductance keeps the house warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • Rotting agents are minimum which means more durability of windows.
  • Impacts on which UPVC Windows are dealt are resilient.
  • There is minimum requirement of maintenance.
  • All the products of UPVC are unaffected by the weathering and has quality of endurance.
  • The windows are available with the large number of designs and styles.
  • UPVC Windows by Zealcon never consumes your precious time in fixing problems on a regular basis.
  • Welded frames on UPVC Windows means a complete silage from air and water.
  • UPVC does not permit condensation between the panes.
  • These windows are always easy to open and close.

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Want to know why uPVC windows are the best? Why we are increasing our market share...


Want to know why uPVC windows are the best? Why we are increasing our market share...


Here you get to read frequently asked questions about our uPVC windows and doors. Take a look...

About Us

Foundations of ZealCon started as a builders, consultants and now it has paved its road to success and started taking care of uPVC windows and doors. The company, has grown since 2002 when it was introduced in Pakistan. We are the pioneers in assembling uPVC windows and doors where all the material is imported from China and Turkey. Plastic injection is another salient feature of ours which makes our demand in the market. We at ZealCon provides quality of optimum level with best trained staff who are ever ready to fix issues even after installing windows or doors at your place. Our successful story started even before the parts of these uPVC windows and doors were approved. Our clients include; Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force, Chairman Joint Chief of staff, Fauji Foundation, Sindh Police, K Electric, Port Qasim, Karachi Port Trust, PTV Station Muzaffarabad,

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“When ZealCon announced its opening, I was completely unaware of their products and the customization which they claimed to provide. The entire journey of finalizing the rates of per piece, my brains approved the design, color and size. ZealCon put me on a no complaint situation because my work was done under a group of highly motivated, trained and well-mannered people. “

fakhar zaman

“All the products of ZealCon; solar water heaters, solar coolers, turn and tilt windows, tilt and slide doors, garden windows and much popular and wanted sliding windows, comes in the most personalized manner. Customization, which is not offered by every company, enables the customers’ choice which leads to a more refined and long lasting relationship of the manufacturers and the potential customers.”


“ZealCon accommodates the quality within its budget of making and manufacturing of the products. No compromise on quality has taken that level in which ZealCon has started working with world class well trained personnel; provided service to Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, government head quarter and private sector.”


“ZealCon delivers the high quality uPVC windows and doors which are formulated in the holistic manner; dealing with an array of designs and colors. Staff fulfils the optimum level of satisfaction which enables the customers to get what they want. Customers’ relationship with the manufacturing team is linked in the most appropriate manner. All and all ZealCon comes with the promise of delivering the best and receiving the best.”


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